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Orders / Shipping
Will I have additional fees to pay when I receive my order ?
Nope, no Additional Fees
If your delivery address is located in Canada, you won't have to pay a dime when you receive your order. All shipping fees and taxes are included in your initial payment. That's one of the main advantage of shopping with us in Canada.

Do You Shop Worldwide ?
Actually we only ship in Canada.
Is my order shipped ? How can I track it ?
You will receive an email when your order have been shipped.
However, you can always check directly in your account.

In the first page you'll have your order history with all your past orders. Click on View Details for the order you want to check. In the order details page, you'll see if the order have been fulfilled and the tracking number will appears if so.
When will you ship my order ?
When all parts of your order is in stock when you placed it, the order will ship within 1 business day.
If some parts are not in stock, you will have the information on the part detail page about how many business days it should take to receive the part at our warehouse. Your order will ship as soon as we get all the parts.
If the part detail page states that it ships in 3-7 business days, that's the time it takes for us to get the part. We will ship as soon as we get it.
Is this parts in stock ?
On every Detail Page of part, you can see right under the price the Avaibility of the parts.
In Stock! Ready to Ship!
Means the part is in stock and will ship within 1 business day.

Ships in 3-7 business days!
Means the part is not actually in stock and should ship within 3-7 business day after your order have been placed.

Out of stock
Means the part is not actually in stock and may or may not become available again. Please contact us for more information about this part.

Complications ?
Please take a look at our Return Policies for more detail.
Parts are missing in my order.
If for any reason, you ordered a part that is not in you order when you received it, please contact us as soon as possible here We will check with shipping deparment to make sure everything's corrected and that you receive your part promptly. If it's in stock it will ship the same day. If we have to order it, we won't wait for a scheduled order with our suppliers and order it the same day so you can have it as soos as possible.
Don't need to mention you won't have any additional shipping fees.
Parts are damaged.
If for any reason, a part is damaged when you receive it, contact us as soon as possible here
You will need to send a picture of the damaged parts with your email.
After the return have been accepted, we will email you a copy of the FedEx papers for the return. All you have to do is to print the shipping paper and stick it to the box in which you return the part. After receiving it, we will promtly ship you a replacement part.

We reserve the right to replace only a damaged part of a complete assembly or the whole assembly, depending of the damage.

All exchanges and or return require a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization), we treat each of them on an individual basis.
I want to exchange parts.
Well you just received your brand new Blue Oil Cap, finally the wife prefers the Red one.. Damn! Why does she look under the hood anyway ?
Ok that's a joke, we've got many Lady customers here at FRAAL Performance :)

But if you wish to exchange a part, you can return it and have another one.
The part should not have been attempt to install and must be return in the original box. We do not charge any re-stocking charges, but the return and shipping would be on you. Contact us here and we'll contact you for the exchange.

All exchanges require a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization), we treat each of them on an individual basis.
I want to return parts.
Otherwise stated in the product page, it's possible to return a part if you decide you do not want it anymore.
If the order have not been shipped already, you can contact us here and we'll adjust your order and refund you the full amount for that part or complete order. We'll also adjust the shipping charges if applicable.

If the order have shipped, or you already received it, you will be charge a 10% restocking fees and all shipping charges and return shipping charges will be deducted from your refund.
Price match.
You love, but you found the same product on another website for less ?
Contact us here: with the informations about the product and the link where you found the part selling for less. We do not automaticaly offer the same price because there is too much differents situations possible, but we'll give it a try for sure.
These are the kind of situations that we cannot match price:
  • Liqudations
  • Parts found on auction websites
  • Parts found on a Non Canadian sites or in foreign devises
Request a part.
You did not find the part you're looking for ? Ask us at There's a good chance that we can have this part and maybe already keeping it, but it's not yet on the website.

We usually can have all parts from a Brand we already carry.