Torque Solution - Inlet Hose - Blue (2015+ WRX)
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Brand: Torque Solution
Part #: F-TS-SU-256BU
Color: Blue
Diameter: 3.0in
Layers: 4
Material: Silicone
Mfgr. Warranty: 5 Years
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2015+ Subaru WRX
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Product Details

The Torque Solution Inlet Hose for the 2015 WRX will increase airflow to the engine which increases horsepower while adding a touch of color and style to your engine bay.

The inlet hose has a 3.0" internal diameter compared to 2.7" found in the OEM part. This allows for a greater amount of air to smoothly enter your engine with virtually no restriction. This larger diameter will easily support all bolt on modifications and increased boost levels.

It is perfectly smooth on the inside. Compared to the stock part, which has a very sharp bend, our Torque Solution Inlet hose makes a much more gradual bend toward the throttle body making for even less restriction. This, along with removing the pleats found in the OEM hose, makes for more horsepower and improves acceleration.

The inlet hose is reinforced with a stainless steel support wire that is embedded within the silicone layers. The support adds rigidity to the hose and prevents collapses when used with restrictive filter elements and high horsepower setups.