PERRIN - Tire Pressure Gauge
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Brand: PERRIN Performance
Part #: F-PER-ASM-GAU-300
Color: White/Glow in Dark
Mfgr. Warranty: 5 Years
Range: 0-60 psi
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Product Details

The only tire pressure gauge you'll ever need, the PERRIN Tire Pressure Gauge combines an easy-to-read face with high quality components.

The face of the PERRIN Tire Pressure Gauge displays pressure in pounds per square inch (PSI) with each whole value displayed from 0-60 for easy and accurate reading. The face itself will also glow in the dark for use in situations with limited lighting.

The housing for the gauge is made from a sturdy and ridged rubber with which allows for a good grip in any situation. This rubber housing also provides shock absorption when dropping the tire pressure gauge to protect its internal components.

With a glass face, sturdy rubber housing, and thick rubber hose, the PERRIN Tire Pressure Gauge will be the last tire pressure gauge you'll ever need to purchase.

Located just under the gauge's face is the pressure relief valve. If you ever overinflate a tire or need to remove air, simply move your thumb down onto the pressure relief valve while monitoring the pressure of your tire. By not having to remove the tire pressure gauge from the pressure stem to relieve pressure, you can get a much more accurate reading and prevent removing too much air from your tire.