PERRIN - T3 / T4 Turbo Thermal Blanket
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Brand: PERRIN Performance
Part #: F-PER-ASM-EXT-005
Color: Black
Continuous Use Limit (Inside): 1832º F/ 1000º C
Direct Use Limit (Outside): 1000º F/ 538º C
Material: Calcium Magnesium Silicate
Melting Point (Inside): 2680º F/ 1470º C
Mfgr. Warranty: 5 Years
Radiant Heat (Outside): 1700º F/ 927º C
   Confirmed Applications
Universal - T3/T4 Turbo Housing
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Product Details

PERRIN Thermal Blankets improve response and power by insulating exhaust components from losing critical heat, increasing exhaust flow, all while lowering under hood temperatures.

The PERRIN Turbo Thermal Blanket for fits snugly around the turbine housing of your turbo to keep nearly all radiant heat away from your intercooler, intake and other engine components. The Turbo blanket features 3-layer construction. Including an outer cover made from Silicone Impregnated Fiberglass (rated to 500F continuous), an inner layer made of Calcium Magnesium Silicate Insulation (rated to 2000F continuous) and Silica (rated to 1800F Continuous) insulation used to contain the inner layer.

Stainless steel rivets are mounted to the blanket and stainless steel wire is supplied to secure the blanket to your turbo. This allows for simple “Lace Up” type installation, even the turbo already installed!