PERRIN - 5 Speed Shift Knob - Fat Stainless Steel (inc. 02-14 WRX )
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Brand: PERRIN Performance
Part #: F-PER-PSP-INR-100SS
Color: Stainless Steel
OEM Weight: 0.505 lbs
Weight: 0.995 lbs
Width: 1.8 in
   Confirmed Applications
2002-2014 Subaru WRX
1993-2014 Subaru Impreza
2005-2009 Subaru Legacy GT
Automatic Transmission : Yes
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Product Details

This is the new PERRIN Performance 5SPD Shift Knob - Fat Stainless Steel.
These new shift knob will really look cool in your interior!
This new Shit Knob weight almost twice as the OEM one. It's 0.995 lbs VS 0.505 lbs !!

Improve your interior styling and shifting action with a lightweight glossy black or a heavyweight brushed stainless steel PERRIN shift knob.

Two sizes to choose from
PERRIN shift knobs come in two different sizes. A Slim 1.6" Knob and a Fat 1.85" Knob for power shifters. The Fat Knob is approximately the same diameter as the OEM STI shift knob.

Height adjustment & locking
The PERRIN shift knobs height can be adjusted by as much as 1 inch with the built-in adjustment screw. Once the height is set, tighten the lock bolt and your knob will never loosen on its own. Best of all, our super locking mechanism will not harm the threads of your shifter!

Multi-piece design for easy and accurate installation as well as great looks. The main body is precision machined from lightweight billet aluminum or heavyweight stainless steel. Choose the aluminum for lightweight shifting or the stainless steel for an accurate bolt action rifle shifting feel. The lower piece is machined from billet aluminum and designed to hold your shift boot up with its lower groove.

Each PERRIN shift knob is precision machined and then finished with a glossy black powder coat (aluminum only) or raw brushed stainless steel. With both finishes being extremely durable, your shift knob will be ready for years of shifting.