COBB Tuning - Silicone Turbo Inlet V2 (2008+ STI)
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Brand: COBB Tuning
Part #: F-COB-712400-BK
Color: Black
Hardware Included: Yes
Layers: 5
Material: Reinforced Silicone
Mfgr. Warranty: 1 Year
   Confirmed Applications
2008+ Subaru STI
MSRP: 385.0 $CAD
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Product Details

Utilizing the COBB Turbo Inlet will eliminate the factory 'accordion-style' hose that can cause turbulence in the intake tract. Increasing the efficiency of the inlet will reduce stress on the engine as it is able to breathe much easier with a higher-flowing intake path

Constructed of black 5-ply silicone, the COBB Turbo Inlet is a direct replacement for your 2008-2016 STI! The custom silicone construction of the COBB Turbo Inlet rejects high engine bay temperatures and keeps the intake air closer to ambient temperature. The steel wire reinforced design eliminates the issue of hose collapse that other inlet hoses suffer under vacuum at peak demand, yet allows adequate flex between the engine and the intake. The COBB inlet pipe is quite a bit bigger and longer than the standard inlet pipe. It is designed this way for a variety of different turbocharger and intake setups. Trim for best fitment within your needs.

The V2 features an updated design that makes the installation easier and will include machined billet aluminum adapters for the post-MAF hose and BPV return. 

  • 5-Ply Silicone in Stealth Black 
  • Larger Diameter Allows for Increased Potential Air Flow Delivery to the Turbo 
  • Increase Horsepower, Decrease Turbo Spool Time, Improve Throttle Response and Acceleration 
  • Direct OEM Replacement 
  • Design for Standard Sized Inlets on the Turbo of 2.4"