AEM - UEGO X-Series In-Line Wideband Controller - Universal
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Brand: Tanabe
Part #: F-TAN-1TR1AA005
Color: Black / Blue
Gauge Size: 52mm
Gauge Type: Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio
Hardware Included: Yes
Range: 10.1:1 - 20.1:1
Sender Type: Electrical
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Product Details

When it's time to get a new wideband O2 meter, or to replace your current wideband, then you might be pretty happy with the new AEM X-Series UGEO Wideband Controller Gauge. Wideband gauges should become standard in turbocharged vehicles because they produce a value (AFR) to let the driver know that they are running on a proper tune. Over time, things such as a boost leak, vacuum leak, malfunctioned components, or a bad tune can cause your vehicle to run lean or rich under boost. If you're running lean under boost then your motor won't last much longer. But this wideband is not just limited to turbocharged vehicles, it can be used on normally aspirated applications that could be making substantial amounts of power through bolt-ons. 

The X-Series gauge uses the latest in patent-pending digital technology to deliver faster response time with AFR readings. This wideband gauge features a weather resistant low-profile gauge that responds quickly to allow tuners to optimize on tunability. And because of the gauge's high-speed digital implementation, it ensures that there will be no loss of signal and response which is very important for a solid tune. 

Everything will be included with this gauge to make it ready for installation which includes the sensor, along with all the appropriate wiring. A bung provision is also provided for the user to have welded onto their preferred location.